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Frequently Asked Questions

    • What payment methods do you use?

      Currently bank wire transfer available only.
    • Do you build fullsuspention and softtail frames?

      No, the theme of titanium and fullsuspention and softtail frames closed due to loss of single copies.
    • Can you rapair Ti frame or component of another manufacturer?

      Yes, please contact us by e-mail , describe your problem and we'll try to help you.
    • What's the warranty on your product?

      The warranty on all our stock titanium products is 5 years. The warranty on special or custom products specified separately in each case.
    • How can I order your ti frame or component?

      1. Please email us the details of your order. In your message write your name, city and phone number (this information is necessary to register the order and its future maintenance).
      2. By e-mail, we'll coordinate all the details and approve task for production (in the case of custom design).
      4. Make an advance payment of not less than 50% of order value. Payment is made on the details specified in the receipt.
      5. Please wait for notification by e-mail or phone about your order readiness.
      6. After notification make the payment of the rest of the cost.
      7. Come to our production for obtaining the order, or we'll make its sending through transport company. Expenses of transport company are paid by the customer when receiving cargo.
    • What documents will I receive when buying a titanium frame / component?

      Each our titanium frame, including Custom, has a registration number (on the bottom bracket tube). Together with the frame you'll get a passport with serial number and warranty. If necessary, you'll also get an invoice for further transport of the frame.
    • Do you use bated and hydroformed tubes?

      No, we use a tube with constant wall thickness.
    • Can you copy the geometry of my favourite frame?

      Yes, it is possible to build your frame on any geometry, but maybe it will be necessary to make corrections in the context of titanium production. Need to discuss specific options.
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