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In our company product passes all stages of production - from design to shipping. Design is performed using professional engineering programs, including solid modeling. The most difficult titanium parts of frames and components are manufactured on CNC machines, installations of laser and waterjet cutting.


Our technology and equipment focused mainly on the processing of tube frame parts including profiling, bending and other necessary treatments. In the manufacturing process of frames of various designs, we use about 30 sizes of titanium tubing. For assembly and welding specialized stacks «Bike machinery» are used. They provide accurate and quick adjustment of the assembly to manufacture any type of frame.


A special pride of the company - highly skilled welders, who have a great experience of working with titanium alloys in the aerospace industry. The technology of welding titanium alloys in inert gases without use of vacuum chambers has been developed by our experts and after laboratory studies and many test of frames has been used successfully for over 15 years.


Welding of titanium requires strict compliance with certain requirements. It's very important to protect careful the welds from harmful to the titanium elements (oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen). The correct preparation for welding: pure components, filler wire and an inert gas. Quality is ensured by strict adherence to welding technology and controlled by a special technique, which is the "know-how" of the firm.


Before we get to the finishing, the frame passes some transactions: threading in the carriage, handling of the head tube and geometry control. At these stages, specialized "Bike machinery" equipment and special machines of our own design are used. Finishing treatment allows to obtain a stable to a variety of operational factors matt surface.


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